Kajaani UAS, the vocational college and local high school are arranging a competion where students from these institutions are asked to describe Kajaani as a student city. We are looking for photos, videos, music etc whatever you find the most suitable way to show how you feel about Kajaani. What makes you happy here? How would you show the best parts of Kajaani to future applicants?
Please register for the competition by 19.1. Fill in the registration in Finnish in http://www.opiskelijankajaani.fi/Suomeksi/Kilpailu/Ilmoittautuminen 
Nimi = Name
Oppilaitos = name of school 
Syntymäaika = date of birth
Osoite = address
Puhelinnumero = phone number
Sähköposti = email
Osallistutko kilpailuun yksin / ryhmässä = participating alone or with a group

The competition entries should be returned by 14.2. The winner will receive 1000 euros, 2nd prize being 300 euros and the 3rd prize 200 euros. 

Further details
Kajaani UAS Marketing, Kirsi Sievers
email. kirsi.sievers(a)kamk.fi