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Are you interested in trying out something special?

 Here you can find some examples of what you can do in Kajaani in your free time.


Snowboarding / Skiing

Do you want to go snowboarding or downhill skiing? Vuokatin Rinteet, the ski resort in Vuokatti (approx. 30 km from Kajaani) is a great place to practise and spend time with your friends. Slopes are suitable for both, beginners and professionals. And superpipe and Slopestyle- slopes bring more challenge to downhill skiing!

Student day: Tuesdays from 17-19 evening ticket cost 10€ and equipment rent also only 10€!

There is a daily bus connection to Vuokatti on weekdays and on Saturdays.  

Contact information:
Vuokatti Slopes
Address: Veikontie 5, 88610 Vuokatti
Tel: 08 6194 111
Further information:




You want to try something new? Kajaani is an excellent place for Kiteboarding – even in wintertime! In Kajaani there are about 25 kiteboarding schools (plus 15 extra which are only practicing in summer) where you can take lessons.

One example: Kiteschool Lappis
Course prices: 1 person: 150€ / 2 persons: 250€ / 3 persons: 375€ (student discount 25 €/person)

It is also possible to arrange introduction to the equipment, there can be max. 8 participants. Introduction includes flying the kite and exploring the equipment.

Jyrki Vahlamo, tel. 050 5719572
Further information:






Too extreme?

It's not only extreme sports you can do in Kajaani, but there are a lot of different organisations where you can practice for example martial arts, ball games, dancing, aerobics, gymnastics, ballet, music and instruments, swimming, orienteering, field sports, ice hockey ... just to name a few.

Ask your tutoring students to help you to find the hobby that interests you the most!