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My perfect day... in Paltaniemi

Markus (from Germany)

On a sunny day in early September gather as many friends as you might find not learning behind their desks (believe me, you will find many!), take a volleyball and something to eat and drink and walk with the whole crowd to Paltaniemi beach. What?! A 10 km hike, are you serious!?

Don´t worry, with your entertaining mates the long way will be easy. Arrived at beautiful and relaxing Paltaniemi beach the crazy ones (there are always some crazy guys!) can jump right into the cold and clear water of lake Oulujärvi. The less adventurous can enjoy the sun and the beautiful view over the huge lake with its many tiny islands, the water glistening in the sun…. Before you completely fall asleep you should definitely get on your feet to play a volleyball match (there is a net on the smooth sandy beach). After the exhausting match everyone is hungry, so it is important to have enough food with you. After this nice experience and lots of selfies later it is time to go back home – to be dressed in time for the party in the evening :)

Exchange student


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