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My perfect day in Vuokatti

Jenny, Finland

One of the many reasons why I decided to apply to KAMK, for the Sports and Leisure Management program was the environment in Kajaani and the winter sports activities that it provides as well as the nearness of ski center Vuokatti (about 30 km from Kajaani). Kajaani offers a unique environment for winter sports lovers, so I decided to apply to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, which is more than 500 km away from my hometown Turku. A great thing about KAMK is that there are a big number of free-choice courses and there is something for everyone. Sport instructors, for example, can choose a lifeguard course, learn more about massage and taping, learn the secrets of instructing baby swimming or select the ABC of German.

My perfect day or actually a whole week at KAMK was a downhill skiing course. I was looking forward to this course because I have dreamed about a job in a ski center. The downhill skiing course was organized by the Finnish Ski Association and the course was held in Vuokatti, so instructors were professionals and the place was great. The course included theory, for example, teaching skills, as well as a lot of practical training by doing. The highlight of the course was a 3-hour instructing practice, where the clients were primary school-aged children. After the course I felt amazing! I spent 8 days in the fresh air, meeting new people and got a downhill skiing instructor certificate. One of the best weeks in KAMK, for sure!

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Jenny, Sports and Leisure Management student